Buy Side & Cell Side Magazine Aug - Sep 2021

Investor Relations Society is founded by group of management professionals. We offer Certificate in Investor Relations with BSE Institute. We do Annual Investor Relations Awards for India Inc. So far we partnered with BSE, KPMG India, IR Magazine, Bloomberg, and BNY Mellon.

Certification in IR

Joint certification programme  in investor relations with Bombay Stock Exchange.

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IR Awards & Events

We have hosted Investor Relations (IR) Awards since 2011 for India Inc. The IR Awards collaborators, Awards Methodology & Yearly events so far are:

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IR award winners- 2020

meetings with investors

To our corporate members, we will host meeting with:

  • Buyside: PMS, PE funds, VCs, fund managers, FIIs
  • Sellside: Broking houses
  • Media: Business journalists from news papers and magazines